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Smart stem cell transplantation for a while, why should a specialist receive it?

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DATE 17-11-28 15:41 HIT 1,345


[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctor. Choi Pyung-lim 

In recent years, many people are considering fat grafting because of their flat forehead, angled face due to slugging, and deep wrinkles. When fat grafts are applied to the forehead, forehead, and forehead, the face looks smaller and gives a harder effect due to the volume increase. However, there are also disadvantages of fat transplantation.

 The rate of engraftment after an ordinary fat transplant is important, but most of the patients are suffering from a low degree of satisfaction with 40% of the engraftment rate. To achieve satisfactory results due to low engraftment rate, excessive amounts of fat are injected at the time of first injection, causing awkwardness and so-called molded tees. These excessive amounts of fat, in addition to the burden of the voluminous feeling, the phenomenon of sagging around, the phenomenon of sagging, and severely deformed dead fat can cause a calcification phenomenon.

 Thus, fat transplantation is a moderate amount of fat, and a high rate of engraftment of fat is needed to aid in lasting effects. In order to increase the rate of engraftment, micro-autologous fat graft is injected evenly into several layers and PRP is injected with fat. This is a common practice in plastic surgery in recent years.

 "The most effective and proven method among them is stem cell fat transplantation," says Choi, About the advantages of stem cell fat graft that complements the disadvantages of existing fat grafts: "When fat and stem cells are transplanted together, young stem cells induce differentiation of blood vessels between the fats, "Because it differentiates into fat and maximizes the consequences of fat transplantation, we can achieve results that are close to the required amount of bolus compared to normal fat transplants." In the case of stem cell fat graft, the transplanted stem cells can help the formation and growth of the surrounding tissue, and the collagen production, skin elasticity improvement and wrinkle removal effect can be obtained. 

Choi said, "For stem cell transplantation, it is necessary to introduce specialized equipment for stem cells, a thorough aseptic clean-up system, and specialized skills of specialized medical staff. I have to do surgery in an experienced, safe hospital to get satisfactory results. "

[Source]  WOW Korean Economic News