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Eye molding, which is mistaken for 'easy procedure', must be consulted with a specialist.

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DATE 17-11-28 15:47 HIT 769


[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctor. Kim Chang-yoon 

There are many factors that determine the first impression of a person, but I consider 'eye', which is called 'window of mind' as the first element. This is why people are interested in eye surgery for a favorable impression. It is intended to improve the existing impression by making the eyes look sleepy, tired or lacking double eyelids, and look sharp eyes with soft, natural eyes. As it becomes a popular procedure, people think it is as simple as makeup. 

However, eye surgery is a demanding operation that needs to be done through various designs considering various factors. In fact, the biggest difficulty of eye shaping is that eye specialists are different from other parts of the eye. Eyes can wind up or float. So when I closed my eyes, it was okay, but when I opened my eyes, the shape changes. 

"To prevent this, we decided to set the surgery direction so that it would be satisfactory when we closed our eyes or when we wore it, but it is not easy unless we have experienced specialists," he said. 

Techniques of cosmetic molding are evolving one day differently. So, to make a natural double eyelid, the latest technique of burial or incision double eyelid surgery 'Dynamic double eyelid' technique is the trend.

 The conventional eyelid surgery technique focused on the state of opening the eyes and showed an unnatural appearance when wrapped, but recent trends are focused on maintaining the natural state of both eyes open and closed. The eyes of a person are different from each other. Sometimes I get a photograph of an entertainer and ask them to do the same, which is not appropriate if their eyes are not similar to the entertainer.

 It would be nice if everyone could make the look of the eye that they wanted, but it is also important to know before surgery that it is impossible to reverse the physical condition. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with the eye-shaping specialist to optimize the direction of surgery to minimize the regret. In fact, plastic surgeons design very eye to eye care. The design and surgery were performed considering all the factors such as the degree of eye opening, the presence of Mongolian wrinkles, the amount of skin deflection, the angle of eye tail, the presence of bilateral asymmetry, the position of eyebrows with eyelashes, the degree of forehead deflection, This is because it can produce optimal results. Kim advises,

 "The best results are produced through a careful analysis to diagnose only the necessary surgery and to precisely implement it." "I have to go back to the hospital to decide on the surgery that is appropriate for my eye condition through direct consultation."

[Source] Chosun Ilbo Articles