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DATE 17-11-28 15:52 HIT 2,258


[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctor. Choi Pyung-Lim 

There are more and more tourists visiting the water parks and beaches to avoid the heat during the summer vacation season. As this exposure becomes inevitable, people are forced to pay more attention to the toxic body. This is why I try to have a diet to see the effects in a short period of time because of the holiday season, but this is also not easy and it is even harder to have a pretty figure. According to Choi Il-rim, director of plastic surgery department of Les Arts, "It is necessary to extract an appropriate amount of fat according to the individual body line condition of the patient, and it can give satisfaction. "I am sorry to see customers who are mistaken for the absolute amount of inhalation and make a mistake in evaluating the result of liposuction by the amount of inhalation rather than the body line of my own." Especially for women, dieting is difficult and burdensome to say, "I have a lifetime of homework." Even if I succeed in dieting, I can manage my body parts that are difficult to manage afterwards, especially if I manage my abdomen, thighs, There is a part that does not exist. Liposuction is a typical operation of body shaping. It is a type of body sculpting work that removes excess accumulated fat cells in the body to make a beautiful body, but it is difficult to guarantee the same result as liposuction. Choi says, "Hand-operated liposuction is better than liposuction by conventional machines." The advantage of the handmade method is that by manually checking the fat and skin layers one by one, it minimizes the damage to the surrounding tissues and increases the patient's satisfaction by removing the fat more delicately. This has the disadvantage that it takes more time to extract the same amount of fat than the mechanical type. However, if you take the inhalation result and the recovery period, it is more advantageous than the disadvantage. Choi recently said, "The number of hospitals inhaling lipos recently is increasing. However, in order to minimize the safety and side effects, we recommend that you have surgery with careful technique and experienced medical staff. " 

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