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[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctor. Kim Chang-yoon 

When you look at the first impression of a person, ask them where they are first. This is because they can give a variety of feelings depending on the size and shape of the eyes. So, if you have a complex in your eyes, there are a few people who want to improve through plastic surgery. With the development of molding techniques, various forms of plastic surgery have been developed, and eye molding has become one of the most popular plastic surgery. 

However, Asian people with smaller eyes than westerners can give a sharp impression. Modern people who prefer big, clear eyes tend to consider various types of forehead surgery in order to improve it. If the eyes of both eyes are seen to be wide in the eye formation, it is better to correct the eye wrinkles that cover the front of the eye through the frontal surgery together with the double eyelid surgery. If the eyes are short and the length of the eyes is narrow The operation such as the dual trimming which can be combined with the lower trimming and the trimming is necessary.

It is a surgery to make the eyes look bigger if the frontal part of the eye looks frustrated due to Mongolian wrinkles, if it is distant from the eyes, and if the horizontal censoring (width) of the eyes is narrow. The U-trim is a trimming procedure that is used to create a cool, sharp in-out line that is recently spotlighted, by bringing a slight change in the double-sided line with the front frame.

It can be suitably used in cases where the width of the eye is narrow, the outer angle of the eye (the eye tail) is out of the normal range, sharp impression, and the horizontal censoring (horizontal length) of the eye is narrow. The lower limb is a trimming method that changes the external angle of the eye along with the triceps. Each trimming method can be used to reduce incidence of scarring after surgery by using incisional incisions that are different from those of the past due to the technological development of plastic surgery.

Surgery is possible with various techniques to fit the eye. However, no matter how good a procedure is, it is difficult to obtain satisfactory results if it is not suitable for oneself. For this reason, the most important thing is to find the correct surgical method through consultation with the medical staff.

You need to know exactly what you want to achieve and build on that. "It is somewhat dangerous to increase the size of the eyes by creating a double eyelid line," said Dr. Chang-yoon Kim, director of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Cheongdam Station. Unreasonable trimming surgery that does not take into account eye conditions can lead to an increased risk of reoperation because the eye complex can not be resolved after surgery, because it can produce unacceptable awkward results. "

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