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Re-surgery for double eyelids, do not fail..

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DATE 17-11-28 15:58 HIT 1,201


[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctor. Kim Chang-yoon 

Double eyelid reoperation has been performed for a number of reasons, some of which are unsatisfactory for aesthetic results. The shape that is different from the result I wanted is eye, asymmetry of both double eyelids. Another cause is asymmetry of eyelid height, asymmetry of left and right double eyelids, a so-called sausage eye in which the double eyelid swell does not sink constantly, and a case of unsightly scars.

In this case, psychological distress is accompanied, so reoperation should correct the erroneous operation. In case of reoperation due to adverse effects, it is necessary to visit and visit the plastic surgery department which has a lot of clinical experience. "Since you may not be satisfied with the esthetic results after surgery, you should consider whether you are reliable as a specialized hospital in your area before choosing a plastic surgeon.

"In addition, double eyelid reoperation has already been performed in order to determine the extent to which the injured skin or tissue has stabilized in the first operation, It is necessary to re-double eyelid re-surgery, not just to catch the line, but also to accurately measure the amount of fat and muscle mass in the eye, the skin elasticity of the eyelid, and adjust the double eyelid line to create a natural double eyelid line.

Distance between eyes Is the most common complication of eye surgery, and it can be expected to result in failure again after a comprehensive analysis of muscle strength and eye protrusion. Eye reoperation is usually recommended at least 6 months after surgery, and 3 months after swelling It is best to have the right consultation with the medical staff and the operation to be done so that all the operations can get satisfactory results at the first operation. However, if you have to consider eye reoperation, you need to be more careful about choosing a hospital. " 

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