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[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctor. Moon Sung Jun 

Recently opened Le Art Plastic Surgery (Director Moon Sung Joon) specializes in lifting and anti-aging surgery. Rather than focusing on the beauty of the face or the body, the goal is to maximize the external merit of each person and to pursue the natural beauty and harmony.

"Plastic surgeons are not just cosmetic technicians, they are physicians, scientists, and ultimately, they are thought to be total artists. So, the name of the hospital is 'Les Arts' in French, so it is called 'arts.' "When I came to the society, Korean plastic surgeon designed a lot of patients with a fast speed And most of them want to be treated, "he pointed out the trend of some plastic surgery.

The hospital is now open to the blog from the hospital's opening to the homepage work status, and there is a specialist barista who resides uniquely. Moon said, "I can think of a barista resident after I thought that there is no way to reduce the rejection and to be treated comfortably. Coffee was hired by Pro Barista because he thought that the aroma alone would help calm people 's mind.

On the other hand, Les Art Plastic Surgery offers professional training to its employees. Before the operation, the professional counseling and explanation was done by the doctors, but the idea was that the staff who met first with customers should have some degree of expertise. If employees do not have professional knowledge, my customers will suffer inconveniences and eventually be confused by information.

Currently, Les Arts focuses on sling lifting and 8mm eyebrow lifting. It is a safe non-incision lifting with no pain and a short procedure time. It is suitable for middle-aged people who are suffering from aging due to aging such as broken neck, sagging eyeballs, loose mid face, The one-night, two-day folklore lifting is a total care program including sil lifting, wool cera, fat transplant, liposuction, filler, botox, skin care and laser. It is suitable for patients.

8mm eyebrow lifting is a painless and semi-permanent lifting with surgery to resolve fine lines and stray eyebrows. In most hospitals, the treatment is done by cutting the flesh of the sagging, whereas the 8mm lifting of the eyebrows uses an endoscope to raise the sagging eyebrows up to 8mm, requiring only a few small incisions of about 1.5cm in the hairline There is almost no scar after surgery.

Moon said, "I intend to spread medical philosophy and medical technology to many juniors so that I can become a mediator of a virtuous cycle of beauty through continuous research."

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