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How to become a Thanksgiving Golden Weekend during a simple procedure?

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DATE 17-11-28 16:35 HIT 1,508


[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctors 

As long as the heat has gone away and the chilly winds have arrived in the morning and evening, it is reported that it is fall. The 10-day Chuseok holiday, scheduled for early October this year,

While there are people who are considering traveling for the longest holiday in history, the number of people who want to undergo cosmetic surgery is increasing because of the long holidays that will not come again.

Les Art Cosmetic Surgery recommends petit molding during the long holiday season, so that it can easily solve the problem without needing a separate recovery period. It is more effective, safer, and more natural than surgery for 10 days.

According to Les Art Cosmetic Surgery, this procedure basically has the merit that it can change easily and quickly according to various items such as improvement of overall facial wrinkles, distinct image, and body shape change.

In the case of lifting during 'lifting', non-incision is performed with a non-incision to maximize wrinkles and facial lifting. Additional treatments such as filler botox make the overall face line slimmer, Raise the image to create a more distinct.

The obese body type due to lack of body care due to busy daily life can be expected to have the effect of changing body shape entirely through the lip articulation technique called 'Jackpot' liposuction or balance injection.

Les Art Plastic Surgery, "Because each person's needs are different, if you want to change your personal style more effectively, you should come to your face and consult with a one-to-one specialist to accurately identify the problems that need improvement. "It is very important to study carefully and proceed with simple procedures," he said.

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