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Dull dark circles, 30 minutes of life under the eyes of the relocation of the underground

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DATE 17-11-28 16:43 HIT 960


[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctor. Kim Chang-yoon 

It is the eye that most influences the first impression of a person. Big, cool eyes leave a clear impression.

However, there are more and more people who are worried because they have the impression that they are always tired and swollen with excessive eye area.

In this case, the necessary procedure is repositioning under the eyes. 

Unlike ordinary skin, under the eyes where the aging phenomenon progresses extremely fast,

Facial maintenance Due to changes in ligaments and under-eye fat rearrangements, the dents and tears of the depressed tears may become discolored and protruding, resulting in a dull and darkened appearance.

Unlike in the past, this phenomenon has been increasing rapidly in the 20s and 30s, and people are increasingly trying to remove dark circles and wrinkles and rearrange them. 

The cause of fat accumulation under the eyes is the rubbing of the eyes, the elasticity due to external stimulation, the lack of water, and the aging phenomenon.

It is known that the eye and diaphragm surrounding the fat of the eyes are weakened and become bulging. There is also a genetic tendency,

The phenomenon of bumps under the eyes is also called distress in the younger generation.  

If there is no fat under the eyes and the skin is raised or protruded, a shadow appears under the eyes.

This can be seen as a presbyopia to the other, and it can give a dark and negative image, so proper improvement is needed.  

Generally, there are under-eye fat removal surgery that removes under-eye fat and under-eye fat re-placement surgery that evenly distributes under-eye fat

Considering the characteristics and life of each eye, it is necessary to select an operation method and it is possible to see an appropriate effect. Under-eye repositioning surgery compared to other plastic surgery

Considering the time and effort of investing in the operation, the change of image is sure,

Many people are willing to make choices because they can fundamentally solve their complexes.  

The under-eye fat protrudes, thereby improving problems such as dark circles, under-eye wrinkles,

The cause of these symptoms is that the inner or diaphragm supporting the fat is weakened and pushed forward, resulting in convexity and undergrowth.

In this case, it is necessary to reinforce the eye and the diaphragm supporting the under-eye fat, to relieve the cause of the under-eye glare, and then to relocate the fat to solve the problems under the eyes. 

Since it solves various problems under eyes that can occur in such a complex manner, it is possible to easily improve the image,

It is possible to obtain a bright impression and at the same time to obtain an effect of molding. In the case of a young layer having little skin sagging phenomenon

Laser reconstruction of the eye under the eyes through the operation of the conjunctiva to advance the scars and scars on the skin is advantageous.

For this reason, the satisfaction level will be higher.  

Kim Chang-yoon, director of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cheongdam-dong, said, "If you are considering surgery on the eye area where you are worried about presbyopia,

"It is important to make sure that a specialist has a variety of clinical experiences and that he or she can present aesthetic improvements through the experience."

In addition, "Relocating under the eyes has many advantages, but the aging phenomenon under the eyes, problems, and causes are different from person to person

If you perform under-eye surgery without considering these issues, you can not see the results and effects as you expected.

Therefore, considering the age, skin condition, and deflection of the individual, it is important to consider it carefully because it can be effective when the surgery is performed. "

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