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Skin aging, volume and elasticity 'both'

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DATE 17-11-28 17:11 HIT 1,664


[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctor. Moon Sung-jun and Brio Clinic Representative 

I hear that for most people there is no sadness as much as aging. The aging process is less energy and fewer days to live. It also means that more and more things can be done.

Perhaps the most serious thing about 'aging' is when you see the wrinkles and sagging skin on your face, such as when you face your mirror, when you take a picture.

So, when does skin aging begin?

There is a difference in each person, but it starts from the age of twenties. If you are busy moving around to live, and you do not know yourself around your eyes,

There is wrinkling on the forehead, one by two on the forehead, and the flesh of the bolls sagging downward, and the wrinkles of the wrists are deeply grinded.

In addition, skin aging is not easy to improve once it is started, but it also progresses at a faster rate with age.

Exposure to long-term exposure to direct sunlight, excessive drinking, smoking, rapid diet, and habit of making a frowning expression also promote skin aging.

Therefore, in order to prevent aging, it is necessary to actively manage aging from the twenties rather than to start management after aging has begun.

Especially, it is important to thoroughly apply usual sunscreen agents and related cosmetics, drink water frequently, consume vitamins, take a steady workout and get enough sleep, but it is also a good way to get help from a specialist if skin aging has already started.

First of all, if aging progresses on the face of a person, two noticeable changes occur. As the amount of subcutaneous fat gradually decreases, the volume of the face is turned off

There is one that looks wrinkled, and another is that the elasticity of the skin falls and the skin is stretched in the direction of gravity.

There are two ways to improve skin aging. The first is to create a three-dimensional face line by using the turned-off volume

This is a volume improvement method that maximizes the effect during the operation, including fat grafting and various filler procedure lifting operations.

'Autologous fat transplantation', which replenishes the volume of scarce facial contours with their own fat to make the whole face much younger and more energetic, is also popular.

Because it uses autologous fat, there is no worry about side effects, the range of treatment is wide, and the effect is immediate and semi-permanent.

In addition, the filler becomes more natural over time and is effective in improving wrinkles and neck wrinkles as well as improving facial contours.

The second is a lifting method that improves skin elasticity to resolve stretched skin. Ulcer, thread lifting, facial elevation, etc. Depending on the degree of elasticity, consult with a specialist.

"Ulcera", which has become a hot topic in Korea as it is known as wrinkle removal of Hollywood and national stars,

Elasticity of drooping balls and necks http: // Improving the wrinkles and giving a natural lifting effect.

The thread lifting using the melting thread has also become very popular. This procedure is a procedure that improves skin elasticity and wrinkles by inserting a thread that penetrates into the skin.

The procedure time is as short as 20 to 30 minutes and there is no risk of swelling or bruising, and the return to daily life is quick and the effect is immediately visible.

Recently, '8MM endoscopic eyebrow forehead lift' is also popular. Minimal incision 8MM Endoscopic eyebrow forehead lift is performed through a small incision to remove the wrinkled and sagging face and skin

It is a surgery that lifts the entire face by fixing it. It is selected when aging causes a lot of balls or a semi-permanent and definite effect.

As such, skin aging is important to improve both volume and elasticity. However, due to the different causes and conditions of skin aging, people should not be treated blindly.

In particular, volume and resilience improvement procedures should be performed at intervals and should be conducted in consultation with a plastic surgeon.

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