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"What to do when you are out of college, double eyelid surgery" Please note

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DATE 17-11-28 16:38 HIT 466


[image] Lesart Plastic Surgery Doctor. Kim Chang-yoon 

The 2018 school year test has come a month away.

Candidates are interested in various events after the SAT as much as they are interested in SAT.

When there are enough words such as 'Ssangyun molding' or 'Examination molding', visit the plastic surgeon

There are many candidates and parents who ask for counseling.

The most popular sport among these is snow molding. The most important factor in determining the first impression of a person is the eye.

Since childhood, students try to make eye contact with double eyelid tape, double eyelid, circle lens and eyeliner.

However, this method is not permanent, it can irritate the skin of the eyelid or the eyeball, causing side effects such as skin sagging, allergy, ptosis.

Double eyelid surgery is the most common surgery, but it is not a simple surgery.

There are various surgical methods such as incision, burial, partial incision, Since the operation method that can expect the best effect for each individual is applied differently,

It is necessary to consult with accurate.

"Most of the examinees who are looking for plastic surgeons after taking the SAT test are considering double-eyelid surgery," said Dr. Kim Chang-yoon, "However, double eyelid surgery is done in a variety of ways depending on the individual, depending on the state of the eyelid is not a simple double eyelid surgery

"It can be done in conjunction with orthodontics, which can take into consideration various factors such as eye correction to improve ptosis, harmony with the face, and eye size."

Especially when performing eyelid surgery such as double eyelid surgery, you should check if you have symptoms of ptosis.

Ptosis is a symptom in which the force of the muscles that open the eyes is weakened by inherited or acquired factors, and the eyelids are sagging and mask a considerable amount of the pupil.

These ptosis can cause disturbances of vision, as well as give a tired or sleepy impression

Applying eye correction can be expected to produce satisfactory results.

Kim said, "It is important to find a hospital that can perform 1: 1 personalized surgery to match the whole face image of an individual during molding."

"In various cases, a skilled specialist counselors, as well as asking you to check whether you are working directly to the surgery," he said.

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